Your Culture – Evaluate and Transform

Performance is a lagging indicator…
…behaviour is a leading one

It’s hard when you’re busy to pay enough attention to your most vital resource, your people – particularly when business is going well! There are critical times when you need to evaluate your culture; smart leaders treat it as a strategic priority, nurturing and shaping it constantly.

Culture plays a significant role in the organisation’s ability to execute strategic plans successfully.

Who hires us and why?

Boards, CEO’s and HRD’s in particular call on our expertise and unique methodology to:

  • Provide a cultural profile when there’s new leadership.
  • Ensure they comply with a regulatory mandate.
  • Profile and integrate cultures pre-and-post merger/acquisition.
  • Drive a cultural shift, to achieve new strategic objectives or accommodate a rapidly changing market place.
  • Transform a suboptimal customer experience.
  • Meet the requirements of Board governance – UK Corporate Governance Code 2018.

We’re experts in the field and that’s why clients ask us for help. Shaping organisational culture change is complex and requires specialist knowledge, it is not a science but it needs rigour, skill and expertise.

How do we do it?

Using our tested methodology we work from an independent, neutral position, offering a completely objective perspective. We’re not a replacement for HR but an invaluable resource, able to look from the outside in, to provide a fresh, measured view of the whole organisation strategically, gathering employee and customer feedback.

We can review all aspects of your culture including the beliefs, value systems, behaviours and processes that underpin everything and inform how people interact.

We evaluate areas like: company strengths, risks, cultural challenges, employee engagement, HR policies and procedures, performance appraisal outcomes, internal communication, pay and reward.

We invite you and your employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders to share their views confidentially and in a controlled environment. Our style is to engender trust and build relationships by providing an approachable, calm atmosphere, which makes people feel comfortable. The result is a positive experience where thoughts can be shared without feeling pressured.

The output is a strategic analysis of the organisational culture, in a practical and measurable way, with recommendations and actions, next steps, a roadmap with timescales, responsibilities, risks and resources required.

A toxic culture will sabotage your success.

The ARC Partnership - Coaching & Consultants in Strategic HR, Leadership & Culture - culture

Our ARCC methodology

A ccess and analyse using tools and techniques to assess your current culture, define behaviours, explore the customer experience and customer feedback.

R eveal the true picture of your culture, what is working really well, identify the risks and what might be missing.

Co create the environment for change, dismantle old behaviours, facilitate and master healthy behaviours that support the organisation’s purpose.

C alculate and measure the cadence of the change: is it happening? Pinpoint obstacles and implement remedies, communicate successes.

As a trusted partner, Alex is an enormous support to my leadership team in developing their leadership capability and effectiveness. The impact of many small behavioural changes as a result of coaching on a one-to one basis with three of my team, is making a meaningful difference to their leadership effectiveness in a challenging business environment.”

Julia Conway, EVP / Big Bus Tours, North America

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Client endorsements

The ARC Partnership - Coaching & Consultants in Strategic HR, Leadership & Culture

Alex is without doubt the most dedicated HR professional I have ever worked with who, through a combination of hard work, intellect and passion, was able to revolutionise the culture within our organisation

Andrew Fisher
CEO / Towry Wealth Management

Alex performed a culture and leadership review of our subsidiary ‘Vera and John’, a global business based in Malta. As the new Group CEO I wanted to identify how we could take a fairly adolescent culture to the next level. Alex rapidly and comprehensively identified the key issues and delivered them back to management in a way that gained their immediate buy-in and support. Plans were formulated as a result and a clear path forward; the output was a newly-energised management team, specific action plans and continued support from Alex and her colleagues with ongoing coaching.

Andrew McIver
Group CEO / Jackpotjoy Plc

Alex Rickard worked with CIMA to define cultural and behavioural issues, which we felt were holding the business back, and develop solutions. Initially working with the senior management team, Alex was able to work comfortably across all levels of the organisation and the geographies and cultures in which we operate. She built high degrees of respect and confidence.

Her approach was insightful but pragmatic and in line with the commercial needs of our business. She introduced us to her innovative methodology, which gave us a clear definition of the business and the direction needed for change and improvement. At all times this process was focussed on the firm delivering to its full potential. Our client position was integral to the process.

Andrew Harding
Chief Executive – Management Accounting / Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

The ARC Partnership - Coaching & Consultants in Strategic HR, Leadership & Culture